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     Always wanted to have an all-out Nerf battle but never had enough Nerf guns? It can get expensive...which is why we decided to help! Victoria's Sweets now offers an affordable alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on Nerf guns and ammo. 

     Introducing, VS NERF WARS! With a variety of packages to choose from, you can now rent Nerf guns, ammo, and even our VS NERF WARS obstacles for the ultimate Nerf brawl. Big or small, we've got it all!
Check out our gallery below to see different party rental packages!
  1. Mini Handguns
    Mini Handguns
    Mini Handguns Package +50 ammo included $50
  2. Combo Pack #1
    Combo Pack #1
    Combo Package #1 +100 ammo included $90
  3. Combo Pack #2
    Combo Pack #2
    Combo Package #2 +100 ammo included $100
  4. Large Handguns
    Large Handguns
    Large Handguns Package +80 ammo included $80
  5. Med. Handguns
    Med. Handguns
    Medium Handguns Package +60 ammo included $60
  6. Mavericks
    Mavericks Package +100 ammo included $70
  7. Combo Pack #3
    Combo Pack #3
    Combo Package #3 +100 ammo included $125
  8. Rifles Pack
    Rifles Pack
    Rifles Package +100 ammo included $150
  9. Mini Arsenal
    Mini Arsenal
    Mini Arsenal Package +100 ammo included $180
  10. MEGA Arsenal (Part 1)
    MEGA Arsenal (Part 1)
    Mega Arsenal Pack +150 ammo included $250
  11. MEGA Arsenal (Part 2)
    MEGA Arsenal (Part 2)
    Mega Arsenal Pack +150 ammo included $250
  12. Extra Ammo
    Extra Ammo
    We always suggest adding on extra ammo! ($20 for every extra 100 ammo)
  13. Obstacles
    $60 for obstacles rental (+ fake barb wire props included)
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